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 Sagrera Farms 

Sagrera Farms, owned by Shawn and Kristi Sagrera, has a rich history of cattle farming in Southern Louisiana dating back to the late 19th Century.  Shawn Sagrera, a fourth-generation cattle farmer whose genealogy combines Spanish and French lineage, has worked with cattle all of his life.

In 1887, Dr. Raphael Sagrera, Shawn's great, grandfather, purchased his first cows from Zachary Lee and brought them to graze the wild grass at Cheniere Au Tigre in southern Vermillion Parish.  

Over time, Dr. Rafael Sagrera, Isaac Wise Sagrera, Austin Sagrera, and Shawn have worked to create a legacy of expertise in raising superior cattle.  Today, through this painstaking process, Sagrera Farms delivers premium steaks, roasts and ground beef--guaranteed tender--to those who savor the difference.  You won't find this rarity at your local grocery store or butcher. Simply put, these are the purest genetics around.


​“Know your beef. Not all beef is created equal.  Sagrera Farms only raises and processes the highest grades of choice and prime beef available to consumers today: Locally raised, locally processed, all natural, hormone free, finished on grain for 180 days and aged to perfection for 28 days."                         ~ Shawn Sagrera



-Since 1887-
100% Premium Beef


Know your Rancher

Know your BUTCHER

know Your Beef



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